Friday, October 19, 2012

Crochet Slippers

I had been thinking about making slippers for someone for Christmas, but I had no idea how to, so I found some patterns on Pinterest.  So far I've only tried this one.  She said it fits size 9 (which I am) so I tried it (mostly) as written.  Here's how my first attempt turned out:

For this one, I used an I hook (5.5mm), which I think was my problem, because not until after I did this did I notice she said she used a 4mm hook.  However, because I used such pretty yarn, I wanted to save it, so I took out the last several rows and finished it up like so:

It's still a little bit big, but I made another one the same size, added some embellishments on top, and I'll donate it to the camp's auction coming up in a few weeks.  The only problem with shortening it early is that I missed the increase in size to help hold it on the heel.

I've made another pair since then using a 5mm hook, so I'll post pictures of that version soon - and now I'll have to try one with a 4mm hook, too!

Love and Slippers,
Leah Joy

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