Monday, October 22, 2012

The Empty Nest

Hi Friends,

I know I'm supposed to post a rant today, but I have something better!  My sister and I used to have a table at our local Farmers' Market where we'd sell handmade jewelry/cards/potholders/stuff.  After a while, we'd take turns watching the table so the other one could walk around and check out the other tables.  One of our favorites, if not our absolute favorite, was The Empty Nest, run by an older couple (older than us, at least).  They make jewelry, cuff links, magnets, and other items out of maps, scrabble tiles, typewriter keys, Legos, and other ... items.  Their stuff is really great, but they were only there a few times in the summer, so we were kind of bummed.  We've seen them since at other local fairs or festivals, but I just found their Etsy shop!  Go check out their stuff here.

I only ever bought one thing there (a pair of purple hippo earrings - that I absolutely adore!), but always wished I had more money (and a bigger jewelry box) because their stuff is so cute!

Love and Kitschy Earrings,
Leah Joy

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