Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sun Flare

Guess what???  I finally figured out how to rotate pictures!  Maybe I'll take the time to go back and fix all those other ones....  Other than pictures of my garden, these are my last two pictures of my walk in the woods.  I love sun flare so much.

The funny thing is that while I've been posting these pictures, the colors have turned far more vibrant and beautiful, but I haven't had access to a nice camera to go take pictures!

I mentioned earlier that I'm working on my Christmas list.  It's taking much more shape now, and it's pretty exciting!  I love Christmas!  I can't decide whether I like making awesome presents or baking delicious things better.  Or eating the delicious things.

I have one person on my list for whom it is super hard to find a present.  I made her wrist warmers last year, but I know she won't wear mittens (not that I can make them anyway, but I'd try if I thought she'd wear them!), hats, scarves, slippers, hair things, or earrings.  So basically everything I know how to make.  For her birthday, I gave up and got her a Meijer gift card.  But lately, I've noticed that she has started to be slightly less tom-boy-ish in some ways, and while I know she won't wear earrings, I'm trying for a dream catcher bracelet.  She loves Native American inspired things, so I'm hoping she'll like this.  I'm following the directions here, sort of.  I bought waxed linen cord at Hobby Lobby because it looks like leather; that's to wrap around the outside of the ring (I'm using the kind like you'd put on a key chain).  Because it's waxed, it holds its spot very well, so I don't have to worry about it sliding around like embroidery floss might.  I'm also just using regular sewing thread for the inner part, but doubled.  And I'm using a sewing needle to help make the net..

I just finished the net actually, and it looks awesome!  I don't have any beads here, so it won't get finished until I get back to my parents' house to pick one out, but then I'm hoping to make either a floss bracelet or a chain bracelet (kind of like the one pictured on the directions).  I actually can't believe how great the dream catcher looks, so I need to find some way to put it on that looks equally great!

Of course, it's difficult to blog about Christmas presents for some people, because they'll read this, so I'll be sure to document my favorite projects and post them after Christmas.

Look for a great de-cluttering story on here soon!

Love and Thread,
Leah Joy

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