Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

On Tuesdays, my husband takes the van up to church, where he has staff meeting and other meetings all day.  Most other days, he's not gone the whole day.  Also on Tuesdays, I don't work in the camp office.  This means I get to do my own to-do list.  Not that I can't  do things on other days, but having no ability to get to town (only one working vehicle), no hours to keep, and no husband to accidentally annoy, I get a lot done on Tuesday.  First, enjoy some pictures.  And again, Blogger can't seem to figure out how to get vertical pictures vertical.

I found myself always looking up... so for a change, I looked down.

Well, I'm off to get loads of laundry done and... well, whatever else makes it to my to-do list.  The first item on my list is "Make a List"!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Love and Laundry,
Leah Joy

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