Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not Dessert?

Today, I'm going to share with you about some pizza sauce I "made" recently.  Let's call it "semi-homemade".  I had planned to make some French bread pizza type things during the week and Caleb had assured me that we still had pizza sauce and I didn't bother checking.  And he was wrong.

So an hour before we were supposed to eat dinner, I'm trying to come up with another idea, but we had eaten all the other quick and easy ideas within the last three days (you know, soup, grilled cheese, etc.) and I really don't like to repeat the same recipe within the week.  And then I found a can of tomato paste.  And Google.

I first followed some directions and added water + sugar to the tomato paste and put it on the stove.  Within a few minutes it had reached the general consistency of tomato sauce.  (The sugar is because tomato paste is pretty "tart" compared to sauce.)

Then I followed this recipe for a copy-cat of Pizza Hut's sauce.  A lot of the comment-ers said that they doubled the spices and loved it that way, so I did that.  While it was simmering, Caleb and I both ended up adding more of various things - like our favorite Rosemary Garlic seasoning (seriously, that stuff is the best).  In the end, it turned out wonderfully.  We were still able to have our French bread pizzas and then had a ton of this sauce leftover, which I put into a conveniently recently-emptied pasta sauce jar.

We used the leftovers for homemade pizza for our college group.  Everyone loved the sauce!  

Love and Pepperoni,
Leah Joy

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