Monday, February 3, 2014

The Monday Rant: Snow and Insomnia

How original, right?  I'm now on Day 16 of this current bout with insomnia.  Now, before you freak out and wonder why I'm not dead, I don't mean that I haven't slept at all in 16 days.  Most nights I get about an hour of sleep, though it's fitful and spread out over the 8 hours I spend in bed.  A few nights I've gotten as much as 4-5 hours, which feels amazing, but mostly I'm just tired all the time.  

Michigan is currently in a Polar Vortex.  We have 5-foot snow piles by the road (snowplow + shoveling) and knee-deep snow all over the yard.  I've even driven by some drifts that had to be upwards of 6 feet.  I know that it's good for the environment and the Great Lakes and all that, so I try not to complain too much, but I am sick of shoveling!  

Our roof has these cool snow 'awnings' though.

They hang down so low I have to duck to get into the garage.

You see that divot on the very right of this 'awning'?  That's from the van. 

Oh, and the good news is we'll be getting a new mail box come Spring.  For now, this guy is propped very precariously here after getting knocked off several times by the force of the snow plows.  (I took this picture  straight on to where the mail box should be.  It keeps getting knocked this way.)

But you know, it can be really pretty:

Love and More Snow,
Leah Joy

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