Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scratch-Off Valentine's Day Cards

Here's another Valentine's Day craft inspired by Pinterest!

These scratch-off Valentine's Day cards were also in my 101 Things in 2014 list, so I'm scratching multiple things off that list this week.

I went over to my parents' house to make these, because they have the acrylic paint and cardstock, and I'm a craft moocher.  Chloe and I got out all the supplies, ready to make a mess.

I also shopped at the Dollar Tree for an extra Valentiney effect, and I found foam heart stickers, pink glitter heart stickers, and this cute pink and red glittery heart 'table scatter' (which becomes a sticker when one applies glue to the back).

The original post had some really cute ideas for cards, but instead of printing any, we drew our own.

At some point, Claire got out of school and came over to make cards, too!

We didn't have any silver acrylic paint, and we were going to be using lots of different colors of cardstock, so we used black, because it matches everything.  In retrospect, it looks a little bit awful to have black hearts on a Valentine's Day card, but we decided to say it looks like chalkboard paint and then also to pretend that we don't hate that trend.

The paint/soap mixture dried really quickly.  Chloe was able to scratch it off after only 15 minutes.  We only applied one layer of the paint, but it might have been nicer with two.

Now let's all thank Chloe for being willing to scratch off her Valentine a few days before Valentine's Day - and also for letting me post it on here! :)

I made a few other scratch-off Valentine's Day cards (as did Chloe and Claire), but I also made regular cards for the other family members:

Plus this fabulous pink one for Claire, the pink enthusiast.

Love and Glitter,
Leah Joy

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