Friday, February 28, 2014

Cupcake Chronicles: Volume 2

As you may have imagined, I chose to perfect lemon cake first.  And it only took two weeks. :)

For a lemon cake, you really can't beat the recipe I tried last week.

For a lemon frosting, I used this recipe from  I noticed in the reviews that people were saying it was too strong, so I knew it would be just perfect.  (They are correct, however, that one recipe is enough for two dozen cupcakes.)  I did make two little changes, however: I added maybe 2 drops of lemon extract, and I colored the frosting yellow.

My big piping tips hadn't come in the mail yet, so I was still using my Wilton #21 (instead of #1M).  I tried a few swirls and roses:

...But I mostly stuck with this technique:

It's so easy and looks good, too!  Especially with the yellow frosting, it looks kind of like a sunshine.

These were pretty universally voted as fabulous.  I brought them to church on Sunday (so I wouldn't eat them all, because if they were in the house, believe me, I would) and my friends all enjoyed them, too.  One guy even ate three.

This weekend, I get my first chance to decorate a cake!  My sister is baking my mom's birthday cake and I'm decorating it.  I'm going to attempt the Rose Cake from I Am Baker.

Love and Zest,
Leah Joy

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