Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Earring Update - Feb 12

Since I started the project, I've only worn 6 pairs of earrings, but here they are:

Jan 28: I made these earrings.  I used to make tons of these (and pop tab ones, too) and sell them at our local Farmers's Market.  Eventually I realized that if I liked something I had made, I was allowed to keep it and wear it.  :)  So I grabbed a pink pair, a yellow pair, and a green pair.  (Also, one of my favorite scarves! Rainbow and glitter!)

Jan 29: My brother had done everything he could do to save an old computer, but it was pretty bad.  So he let me take it apart and I made these earrings from two capacitors I found in it.

Jan 31: While my sister and I were selling stuff at the Farmers's Market, these other jewelry makers had a booth next to us.  They told us we could each pick out a pair of earrings for free if we wanted.  These are what I picked.

Feb 2: If I asked you to guess who picks out the best earrings for me, you'd probably guess my sister or my mom, maybe my husband.  Nope.  My little brother Jacob - the sports fanatic.  The kid who hates all things girly.  He picked these out, along with several other fantastic pairs.

Feb 3: Boring story: Meijer clearance.  But they're so pretty and make clinky noises when I move!  And check out my new 69-cent sweater!! :)

Feb 4: The one year I lived at Cornerstone, two of my roommates really wanted to celebrate a roommate Christmas.  These two both picked out earrings for me, saying, "I hope they're weird enough for you!"  These are one of those pairs.  :)

As far as my organization goes, I picked up a wire CD rack for 99 cents, and added a couple of baskets and bowls.  Surprisingly, I'm putting them on my bookshelf, not the wall.  I haven't figured out the final layout yet, but it's a temporary, functional solution.

Love and Sprinkles (Under my laptop keyboard),
Leah Joy


  1. I laughed out loud when I read that your little brother picks out the best earrings for you. :)

    1. It's true, though. I don't know how he does it, but he has impeccable taste. :)