Friday, February 22, 2013

Orange Slippers!

When making these slippers, I combined these two patterns to make my own.  So while the combination below is technically from my head, I can't take credit for it.  Also, the strap is my sister's creation.  She thinks it's no big deal, but I refuse to take credit for her adorable addition.

As I mentioned before, I made my slippers this way and thought they were perfect:

My sister loved them, too, and asked for the pattern.  She made her own pair, but added a strap.  After seeing that, I had to add a strap to my pair, too!

So cute!

Here's the pattern:

US Terminology
Worsted Weight Yarn
I used an H-8 hook.

Chain 2
Rd 1: 6sc in 1st chain.  Slip stitch to join
Rd 2: Increase in each stitch (2sc in each sc)
Rd 3: *Sc, 2sc (repeat from * around)
Rd 4: *Sc, Sc, 2sc (repeat from * around)
Rd 5: Sc around
Rd 6: Sc around
Rd 7: *Sc, Sc, Sc, 2sc (repeat from * around)
Rd 8-22: sc around 
Row 23: Sc 2tog, sc 21, sc 2 tog
Row 24: Turn, ch1, sc 22
Row 25-32: Turn, ch 1, sc across
Row 33: turn, chain 1, 2sc in first stitch, sc 20, 2sc in last stitch
Row 34: Turn, ch 1, sc acroos
Row 35: turn, chain 1, 2sc in first stitch, sc 22, 2 sc in last stitch
Row 36: Turn, ch 1, sc across
Row 37: Turn, ch 1, 2 sc in first stitch, sc 24, 2 sc in last stitch
Rows 38-40: Turn, chain 1, sc across

Finish off, leaving a tail. 

Turn the "heel" inside out and stitch up with tail.  (This way, the seam will be on the inside.)

Tie off and weave in ends.

Notes: I made this to fit my size 9 foot.  I made it a little tight on my foot to help it stay on.  My sister has a size 7 foot and hardly decreased the size of hers at all.  Rounds 8-22 are from your toe to where the top part of the slipper stops.  Rows 25-32 are the length from where the top part stops to where the heel starts to get taller.  Both of these sections are good places to decrease or increase rounds/rows.

These are my sisters instructions for a strap.  Depending on your foot you might want to make this bigger or smaller:

Ch 23
Row 1: Turn, Sc across (22)
Row 2: Turn, ch 1, sc across until 5 from end, ch 4, sc in last stitch of row
Row 3: Turn, ch 1, sc across (including the 4 chains)

Finish off and leave a tail.  Use the tail to attach strap to slipper.  Sew a button on the other side.

These are the hooks I use:

I like that they're color-coded, because that's the way my brain works.

I love my slippers and wear them around the house a lot.  I love that I can just toss them in the wash if they can get dirty.  And once I make my legwarmers, I won't need to wear socks on days I stay home.  (And I don't like to wear socks.)

Love and Bells,
Leah Joy

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