Wednesday, February 27, 2013

101 Things Update - Feb 27

Sorry I'm late today; I haven't been pre-writing these like I usually do, and and that means late posts!

Here's what I finished this week:

3. Pizza braid.  

The Original:

My version:

I had to cut it open to see if it was done inside.
This was really yummy and beautiful, but also felt a bit wasteful.  I could get a lot more pizza if I just rolled it out and left it, instead of folding it up and braiding it.  However, we both really liked it, especially Caleb. :)

4. Make biscotti.  

The Original:

My Version:

I used this recipe, which has a picture of chocolate chip biscotti, but it's actually double chocolate chip biscotti.  And no, I didn't use all Fair Trade or Organic ingredients because I'm poor.  I had made this for an event we were having at our house over a two-day period.  This was going to be the treat for the 2nd day, but then no one could come that day, so instead, I brought it to my mom's birthday party, where it was well loved!

26. Lampshade!  

The Original:

My Version:

Many moons ago, I bought a ton of t-shirts at Salvation Army for a scarf project.  I still have some scraps, plus my sister has scraps from the rag rug she made for me, and that's what I used.  It took a long time, but I think it's worth it.  It's not really the right size for my lamp, but it'll work until I find a lamp it does fit.  And it's much cuter when the lamp isn't on. :)

45. Homemade soft pretzels.  

The Original:

My Version:

These are amazing, but eat them fresh.  The next day they weren't quite as good.  It's a rather involved process, but very very worth it.  Instead of making 8 giant ones as the recipe suggested, I split the dough further and made tiny and medium ones.  I think I got about 24 pretzels of varying sizes.  There was a little learning curve to shaping the pretzels (can you guess which pan I started with?) but even funny shaped ones taste delicious!  Here are the pretzels before I baked them:

Love and Salt,
Leah Joy

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  1. Your pizza braid looks way better than the inspiration one, especially with the model!