Wednesday, February 13, 2013

101 Things Update - February 13

I'm afraid I haven't gotten a lot done.  I still have many projects started, and have the supplies purchased for others, but this is all I have accomplished since the last update:

12. Learn a new crochet stitch.  I made a pink/purple/blue infinity scarf out of the pavement stitch.  I followed this pattern, but I used Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn! (which is a worsted weight yarn, so I added more stitches to keep it to a nice width).  I ended up giving it to my mom and sister because I'm not sure yet how I feel about wearing infinity scarves.  My  mom loves it.

21. Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies.  Please make them.  They are awesome.  We had to microwave them for a few seconds to move the caramel from teeth-breaking to chewy.

83.  The grocery list.  I didn't actually end up using this model.  I've seen so many free printable options, but none of them quite fit all my desires.  Then I remembered, "I'm an office manager.  I have rock star Excel skills.  I can make my own and it will be exactly how I want it - and rainbow."  

At the top is my meal planning.  Underneath that is a spot to write needed ingredients.  I only write ones that I don't always have on hand.  For example, flour and sugar wouldn't make it to that part of the list.  Cheese and meat would.   Underneath that is my grocery list.  This part was inspired by my mom, who separates her grocery list into store sections so she can be the most efficient.  I included a notes section, because sometimes I want to check the price on something while I'm at the store.  This section is where I can write that. 

Finally, I slipped it all into a page protector and grabbed a wet erase marker.  This worked so well and was so organized... and then it rained the day I went shopping!  My hands had black smudges all over them!  Thankfully, the rain didn't completely ruin my list (it was in my purse), but it definitely made it messy.  I'm thinking of finding some sort of zipper pouch I can put it in (folded in half), along with the marker and my coupons.

Regardless, I still really like the idea of using a wet erase marker.  There are things I check for sales on every single week, and it got very annoying to write them down over and over each week.  I put a check mark in front of the item, and then I know that's something I'm checking, and not to erase it unless it was on sale and I purchased it.

Also, here are the pictures of the ring-hanger project I talked about last time.  I took the original idea and made my own thrifty spin on it.

First of all, who has "very thin cork board" just sitting around?  If you do, congratulations - but I'm a cheapskate.  Here's my how-to:

Hot glue gun
Small frame
Small piece of corrugated cardboard
Pretty fabric
Cute pin (cute part is optional)

Take the glass out of the frame, and cut out a piece of cardboard the same size.  Cut a piece of fabric a little bit bigger (maybe an extra 1/2"-1" on each side).

Wrap the fabric around the cardboard and secure with hot glue on the back.  Place in frame (without glass), and replace and secure the back part.

Put a pin in it!

This is the one I made for my mom:

This was a completely free project for her, because she had the frame, the pin, and the scrap fabric (from an old dress) just sitting around.  She ended up embellishing it with a little flower button in the bottom right corner.

This is mine:

I, too, had the fabric (from one of Chloe's old shirts) and the pin sitting around, but I bought the frame at Salvation Army for 99 cents.  

The best thing is that I actually use it, so I always know where my ring is.  I'm thinking of making another one for the kitchen for when I process raw meat (that's where my mom uses hers), but for now, this one sits in the bedroom (by my other jewelry on the bookshelf).  I take my engagement ring off at night so I don't kill anyone, so this is the perfect place to keep it.  Plus it's cute!

Love and Cheese,
Leah Joy

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