Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Earring Update - Feb 19

Feb 10 - Last time, I told you about how my roommates got me earrings they hoped were "weird" enough.  This is the other pair.

Feb 11 - This is another set my little brother picked out.  There are actually three sets like this, in different combinations of pink, green, and blue.  They come with matching studs.

Feb 12 - I don't remember the exact occasion, but I picked these up to go with a costume for something.  I'm still not convinced I'm going to keep them.

Feb 15 - These are ones I made with my sister's Shrinky Dinks kit.  I wanted them to say "Love" in Chinese.  Her kit had the symbol to trace, but I wrote it on the wrong side, so what you can see is actually backwards.  :)  I'm wearing them with studs from a set I bought when I had my cartilage pierced.  They're little red cubes, and they came with 8 other colors.  I've since let my cartilage piercing grow over because it was never not infected or painful.  I'm not sure I'll be keeping this set, either.

Feb 16 - These are some of my favorite earrings, but I can never wear them when I work because they're so big and make annoying noises on the phone (a lot of my earrings meet these qualifications; I'll be wearing them on non-work days).  I got these when I was in Boston with a group of friends.  We went to the H&M there, and I found these for $6.  I love the colors and the fact that they're larger than my ears.  Plus, they're not even heavy.

At first I was a little disappointed because I only wore 5 pairs, and last time I had 6, but then I remembered that last time was over more than 2 weeks!

Also, you saw yesterday that I had hung up my necklaces next to our mirror:

I was going to use pushpins, but they're not sturdy enough to push into our wall (I think I may have been attempting to push them into a stud), so I found some nails.  On the third shelf from the top, I created a station for the rest of my jewelry:

I first put down some shelf liner (this is also what we're using in the kitchen).  I'm using our coin jars as bookends on either side, and I have a bunch of little baskets, bowls, and containers to corral things.  The bowls with the colored squares on them are temporary; I'm using them to hold the earrings I haven't worn yet.  The ones I have worn go on the CD rack.  Eventually the bowls will go back to the kitchen.

I love this space and it keeps me so organized!

Love and P-I-N-K,
Leah Joy

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