Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Master Bedroom

I'm so excited to share our master bedroom updates with you.  I worked really hard to get this room tidy and organized enough to photograph, and I'm hoping it sticks!  Caleb even helped organize his clothes to get them off the dresser.  So, without further ado:

When we bought the house, our bedroom was the same neutral tan as most of the house.  Because of Caleb's allergies, we knew if we had plans to paint the bedroom in the next 5 years, we better do it before we moved in.  I spent hours agonizing over the color choice.  I researched 'best bedroom colors', chose dozens of colors on online color preview programs, and gathered many opinions.  Each time I thought I had it figured out, I'd change my mind.  I finally settled on Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage (but we used Valspar paint), and we both LOVE it.  It's a grayish green, with a few hints of blue, and it shows up differently in different lights.  It's so relaxing, matches our favorite decorating colors (blue and green), and is not overwhelming.  Our bedroom feels light and airy, but not overly feminine or masculine.  

The door is to the left of this picture.  Next is our dresser, which I picked up at Goodwill for $30.  We both LOVE the color of the wood and it looks like it was made for our bedroom.  It's so beautiful - and it was pretty clean, too!  On top are several odds and ends, but I hope to eventually put the pictures on the wall.  This is the humidifier we have:

The chair covered in clothes is Caleb's.  We're trying the same system my mom and dad use.  Caleb and my dad both wear certain things a couple times before putting them in the hamper, which makes sense, since they don't get really dirty.  Caleb used to just throw these all on top of the dresser, but not only did I not like it, it didn't really work even for him.  Some clothes just stayed on the bottom and never surfaced.  On the chair, he can put anything he likes.  It's big enough to hold what he wants on there, but small enough so that nothing gets lost.  

The next chair is his current nightstand.  I have hopes of eventually finding the perfect matching nightstands (perfect = reasonably priced and exactly how I want them to look OR extremely cheap and easily made over into exactly how I want them to look), but for now he has a chair and I have a shelf thingy.

Our bed - decked out in sheets, a down comforter, and two big blankets each, because it's winter.  I know the extension cord is unsightly, but that'll soon be gone.  Caleb's dad and uncle are helping us with the electrical.

This is my side of the bed.  My sister Chloe made me the rag rug, and I love it!  Caleb doesn't as much, because, as he says (and I quote), "It reminds me of something my sisters used to make."  (Whatever that means.)

Our closet (rarely shut, but there you go).  It won't shut any farther because of the over-the-door hanger you can see below.

Inside our closet.  We're trying out the hampers in the closet.  I really don't like them anywhere in the room I've tried to put them.  They seem in the way, or they're blocking a heating vent or something.

My side, in rainbow order of course.

And Caleb's side.

And finally, my favorite part of our room: the bookshelves!  I just hung up the mirror, and left space on the right to hang my necklaces.  Come back tomorrow to get a close up of my new jewelry storage!

Love and Sage,
Leah Joy

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