Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The End of the 101 Things in 2013 Project: Part 2

Well, yesterday I shared my last few completed projects (see the whole board here), but today, I thought I'd take a minute (or 12) to reflect on what I didn't finish this year - and why.  Get ready for a whole lot of pins.  And excuses. :)

2. Lose 10 pounds.  Wow, this is a great place to start.  Um, this is a long story.  I might share someday, but not today.  It just didn't happen, okay?

5. Living Room Curtains.  At the beginning of the year, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do for living room curtains.  Now I know what I want, and believe me, they'll look nothing like this.  I have the fabric purchased already, so once these are sewn up, I'll be done.

18. Paint living room, hall, and entryway.  When we moved into our house, I hated the beige that's in the living room, hall, and office.  (The entryway is white.)  There are so many people who are afraid of bold colors and stick to neutrals to be safe, but I was determined to be the opposite.  I had a beautiful green picked out; it was just a matter of time and budget.  Over the course of the year, however, the beige grew on me (figuratively). I still would like it patched up, but it matches everything, and in a living room, that's a good thing.  :)  (I do have some special plans for the entryway, though.)

27. Learn to pipe frosting.  Okay, so I sort of did this one.  I was given a piping kit for my birthday, and I did use it when I made Homemade Oreos, but the original intent of the pin was to make cupcakes or a cake or something where the piping job is actually seen.  :)  And I'm waiting for a month when we don't feel so sugared out. :)

29. Clean my Dyson.  Haha.  This just never happened.

33. Homemade Onion Soup Mix.  Ooh, ooh!  I have a good excuse!  We use onion soup mix for an easy chicken recipe, and so I bought a lot of it before I saw this pin.  So I was waiting to use it up.  And I still am, because I really did buy a lot.  :)

37. Curtains in office.  This one was just low on the priority list.

40. Oil-cleansing face wash.  I have had the stuff for this all freaking year.  I am just scared that this will cause more problems than it fixes.  But I'll never know if I don't try it.  (Oh my gosh, I am my mother.) (That's okay; I like her.)

43. Find another container for the perpetual calendars.  I couldn't find anything good!

50. Test this Ice-Proofing Method.  Well, I never tried it near the beginning of the year, and then we started parking in the garage over the summer (after the garage got fixed), so now that it's winter again, it's a non-issue.

53. Water Marbling.  We never got around to this, but did enjoy using her nail stamping kit a lot!

54. Wax Paper/Crayon Chandelier.  So I'm scared of wrecking another ironing board cover, okay?

58. Roman Shades in the master bedroom.  Since we put up vinyl blinds when we moved in, this project doesn't have a very high priority.  And it's expensive - and I'm not sure making them myself is going to be any cheaper!

59. Organize master closet.  I'm hoping we'll do this one on the 1st of the year - seems like a good day for it!

60. Kitchen backsplash.  Time + Budget.

61. Tile above shower.  Time + Budget.  :)

62. Paint Breezeway floor.  Time + Budget.  Sensing a theme?  (I did clean the floor, though!)

63. Breezeway curtains.  Eh, low priority.

64. Write a song.  Hmm, let's see, I haven't written a song in over 2.5 years.  I'd say that's more than a slump. :-/

65. Upcycle old guitar.  SO MANY PLANS.  SO SCARED OF RUINING A GUITAR!  :)

66. Paint office.  Again, this is that beige, and I don't hate it now. :)

67. Batik with Chloe.  Okay, so we're almost done - we just need to iron the wax out of the fabric and then set the dye.

68. Soy Wax Candles.  This will happen.  Our next step is to find containers for them.

69. Clean the van.  Well, I cleaned my car anyway.

70. Couples Massage.  Okay, so it turns out that we never did this because Caleb is scared.  Not of getting a massage - he's scared of liking it.  Because then he'll want them all the time.  :)

71. Paint/Re-Paint Trim.  Time + Budget.

72. Read The Screwtape Letters.  I could have done this, but didn't.

74. Read Orthodoxy.  See #72.

76. Rainbow Jell-O.  Okay, so I officially have everything I need - except for a situation where I need a lot of Jell-O and people will actually appreciate all the hours I spent making a treat that will be eaten in 35 seconds.

84. Confetti wall.  This looked like so much fun, but I realized it's not really our style.

85. Clean the grout in the bathroom.  Okay, here's the deal: our grout appears to be light in color in certain places and then dark in others, but if I clean it all, and it turns out it's actually light, then I have to keep it clean!  And who cares if our grout is clean or not?  The dark color looks nice, too.  :)

98. Soda Can Lanterns.  Houston, we have a problem.  We don't really drink soda.  And where would I put these, anyway?

I hope I didn't completely bore you!  If you made it all the way to the end, or scrolled down to the bottom to see if it got better, please leave a comment letting me know if you think I should undertake the 101 Things Project again in 2014.

Love and Mozzarella Sticks,
Leah Joy


  1. I think a project list is a great idea! I have not actually written one down officially, but do have one going in my head, with a few random items written out. A few days ago, I realized that one of my projects was to make quilts for my children. I completed two of them this year - holy cow, that's cool!

    I did make a list of things to do now that the girls are all in school. Have I gotten to all (some, any??) of them yet? Very few, as I have been very busy helping out at the school and keeping up with life.

    Ah well, more fun for next year I suppose!


    1. That's great that you got two of them done! And what I love about this list is that even though I don't get everything done, I get so much more done than if I had no list!