Monday, December 30, 2013

The End of the 101 Things in 2013 Project: Part 1

Well, friends, this is it - the end of the 101 Things in 2013 Project - in case you couldn't read my extremely long and very specific title.  I left 32 things unfinished (see tomorrow's post) - though some of them have been started.  Still, it was overall a good project.  I tried new recipes and crafts, learned to sew curtains, read some good books, and cleaned my house a lot.  I learned some things that work, some that don't, and some that I just don't like.  I thought I'd start the end by showing off the last few things I accomplished.

13. Corn Bags

I will share a slightly more in-depth post with more photos early in January, but here is a quick sneak peek of what my sister and I made:

20. Real Truffles.

The Original:

Here are the ones I made.  I coated some in cocoa/powdered sugar, but I also dipped some in melted chocolate.

I also made some White-Chocolate Lemon ones using this recipe that were also very delicious.

82. A wreath.

I never thought I'd finish this project!  I bought a straw wreath at Hobby Lobby for about $2.50 (50% off, of course) and some grey yarn and wrapped the whole thing well.  I wanted to make something with removable decorations that I could change out for every season, but after wrapping the wreath, I just never got around to making any decorations.  

Finally, as I was cleaning up my living room after decorating for Christmas, I had two things leftover: a 9-ft silver tinsel garland from the Dollar Tree and a red glitter bow that came on a gift box we got last year.  I ended up twist-tying them on to the wreath, then attached them to the Dollar Tree wreath hanger with some Bed, Bath & Beyond ribbon (yes, still leftover from our wedding gifts - it never goes away!).  Are you getting how little I spent on this project?  Probably about $5. 

Now I just have to decide if this is too Christmassy to leave up all winter or not.  :)  What do you think?

And my final question for you is this: Should I undertake another 101 Things Project for 2014?  Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Love and An-Almost-New-Year,
Leah Joy

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