Monday, December 2, 2013

It's December!

So, I'm sitting here trying to write a Monday Rant, but it's rather difficult when I'm sitting next to this:

It's our first Christmas tree!  And it's rather devoid of ornaments right now, but we'll get those up sometime this week hopefully.  In my family, everyone had their own ornament container and we were each responsible for putting our own ornaments on the tree (Jacob likes to put all his in one spot right on the front - minimal effort.).  That made it pretty easy to just grab my tin of ornaments this year.  In his family, I guess they keep them all together.  Anyway, they'll be decorating their tree hopefully sometime this week, and then we'll have Caleb's ornaments and we can put all our ornaments on the tree and EEEEEE!!!! CHRISTMAS!!!!

Oh yes, did I mention that once it's December I kind of let loose all the pent-up Christmas Spirit that has been bubbling up inside of me since, well, September?  It's December now, so Christmas is everywhere, and people are less likely to get annoyed by my figuratively-constant jumping up and down.

So, instead of a rant, here's an update on life.

101 Things Project: haven't touched it since I last wrote about it.  Well, we got a tree, and that was on the list.  I've got about 35 things left on the list, and while at least one of them is a Christmas present for someone so it will get done, there are many that just won't get done.  Which is totally okay.  Strange as it may seem, I learned a lot about myself from this project.  Example: I wanted to make curtains for about every room in our house.  I only finished the second bedroom and the kitchen (and I turned the pillowcase in the bathroom into a real half curtain - which wasn't on my list).  I have fabric purchased for curtains for our doors with windows in them, and part of the fabric for our living room curtains (getting really tired of people at church asking me what movie I was watching).  But I've learned that I need time to figure out exactly what I want.  For the kitchen, it went more quickly and was easier (blue and white short curtains, duh).  For the second bedroom, it was a little harder (Print or solid? What color? Lined or unlined?).  For the living room, it was really difficult.  What color? Print or solid? Roller shades or curtains? Hung outside the window or inside? How many panels? How long?  And I thought I had it figured out, and then I'd change my mind again.  I've settled on a sage green broadcloth (which I have purchased) and I'm going to use a thermal lining (not yet purchased) and there will be two panels on the regular sized window and four on the big window.  They'll hang just below the bottom of the trim of the window and be mounted on curtain rods just above the window.  Like this:

Wow, long paragraph.  Anyway, I'm not going to feel too guilty about what I do or don't get to yet.  I'm already thinking about doing this again next year, and I like the idea.  I think if I keep doing this, eventually I might actually come up with a good list that I'll actually do!  (Another thing I learned is that I can only do so many house projects in a year - especially ones involving paint, as the fumes make my husband ill.)

Thanksgiving: This is a fun story.  We've decided to spend one year with my family, the next with his (and then Friday with whichever family didn't get us for Thursday that year).  This year was with my family, and my mom was hosting for 12: an aunt and uncle, my grandma and great-aunt, some cousins, a dear family friend, and us.  On Wednesday, I got an email from my sister that Mom was sick and not sure she'd be able to host the next day.  Would we be willing?  Well, yes, but it'd be interesting fitting 12 people into our house for a meal like that.  Caleb got off work early (because it was the day before Thanksgiving), and he started cleaning the house (and even got two tables from church to set up in the living room so everyone could eat together).  After I got home from work, we both worked on hanging pictures (you know, the ones that sit around for a while before they get hung up?  No?  Just us?) and more organizing.  My sister had offered to come help clean the next morning if my mom was still sick.

Well, Thursday rolled around, and I got up early to work on cleaning my stove so that would be all ready for copious amounts of cooking, and then I got the call from my sister that Mom was mostly better and could host unless we really wanted to.  NOPE.  So, we had a lovely Thanksgiving with my parents and family - AND my house got cleaned! :)

We also got to spend Friday with his family (after picking out our tree) which was really nice.  Cinnamon rolls!

Christmas Decorating: Okay, so I've helped my Mom put up her decorations before, and at the apartment I hung string lights from the drop ceiling, but this is the first year I've gotten to decorate an entire house however I want (with deference to my husband's opinion, but he mostly approves of my taste).  Right now we have icicle lights outside and the Christmas tree inside, but I'm just getting started.  I've decided to make a whole row of mini Christmas trees (in various heights, from 6" to a foot and a half ish, and with various materials) to decorate our mantel.  My mom passed some of her collection down to me, and I picked up one of those shiny tinsel trees at the Dollar Tree (can't find them cheaper), but I'm planning on making most of them.  I have one already made from dollar store playing cards, and another one wrapped in red yarn.  I'll post pictures when I have more done!  

Well, I have so much to do today, so I'd best be off! 

Love and CHRISTMAS!,
Leah Joy

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