Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ornaments 2013

I know that last Christmas, I figured I'd be making those miniature mitten ornaments this year.  And I did make one, but I also made one of these paper ornaments from How About Orange.

When I showed the two options to Caleb, he chose the paper spaceship.  So that's what I made this year.  After making a dozen or so green-and-white ones, I realized that with 18 strips of paper, I could do 9 stripes each of 2 colors, or I could do 3 stripes each of 6 colors. (Huzzah for math!)  You know what that means: rainbows!

I made just over 30 of these ornaments.  Most of them are either rainbow or green-and-white, but there are a couple blue-and-white ones and pink-and-white ones, plus one super-special pink-and-blue one (I had leftover paper strips).  They are so easy to make and I could work on them while I watched a show or movie.  

I read some of the comments on the project, so I chose to string an inch of drinking straw inside to help it keep its shape.

It wouldn't be Christmas with Leah without rainbows, right? :)

They really do look like spaceships, though.

Love and Rainbow Spaceships,
Leah Joy

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  1. These are so cool! My 5-yr-old son would probably say they look like spaceships too. I'll have to try these next year. Hahaha...."love and rainbow spaceships," that's awesome. :)
    I just came across your fun blog tonight. Looks like you have lots of great posts!
    I like your name, by the way....my 2-yr-old's name is Leah May. :)