Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bathroom Cupboard

As long as we're on the topic of cupboards, I thought I'd share with you the organizational updates we made in our bathroom 'pantry' cupboard.  As with our kitchen cupboards, this one was never organized.  We just took things out of the box labeled "Bathroom" and put them in the cupboard.

And of course, I didn't take any before pictures, but it was pure chaos, I'll tell you.

Here are the top three shelves.  The top is for my stuff.  Gosh being a woman takes a lot of products.  I do love having it all on one shelf, though.  It used to be split among 4 shelves, and now I know where everything is.  The next shelf is for first aid (on the left) and Caleb's stuff (on the right).  The third shelf down is for bath and hand towels.  I read somewhere on Pinterest that folding your towels in thirds saves so much room, and I would say it depends on your space and towels, but in our case, it does save a lot of room!  We can fit both of these sets of towels on one shelf neatly.  (We have 4 towels of each kind - 2 in green and 2 in blue - but the other ones were in use at the time of this picture.  However, if we wanted to, they'd all fit here neatly.)

The lower shelves hold more varied items, because they're the shelves that are actually hardest to reach for us tall folks.  The first one in this next picture holds a basket for smaller spare items (in the back), a spray bottle, sun necessities, paper towel, a box for our washcloths, and my hair doodads (in the blue tote).

Below that is more spare items, plus Caleb's beard trimmer stuff that he doesn't need every day.

Here's more close-up at our washcloth box.  Of course it's not very cute, but it's very functional, and I can cover it in something eventually.

And here's a better shot at that spare items basket - isn't it so cute?  (Goodwill for $2!)

In addition to that, I wanted something tall and thin to fit in that space between the cupboard and the sink.  The sink 'counter' isn't very large, and when Caleb needs to charge his electric toothbrush or razor, it gets really cluttered.  But I also didn't want something too solid, because there's a vent by the floor.  Plus, the space is only 11 inches wide, so our options are really limited. My mom found this shelf at a garage sale for us and thought it'd be perfect.  I do really like it for holding the items that need to charge.  And I now have space for a small clock - so I know if I need to rush my bathroom stuff or not.  I don't want to put stuff on all the shelves because of the vent, but it's nice to have more options.  

(And yes, we'll probably be moving the towel bar up a bit.)

Love and Toiletries,
Leah Joy

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