Monday, June 3, 2013

Kitchen Cupboards: Part 3

This is probably the part with the most dramatic change.

Of course, the appliances are one of the biggest changes, but we also tore out and replaced most of the upper cabinets, and converted the back part of the lowers to open shelving.

Today, I'll be sharing pictures of the uppers.  

Above the microwave is our 'pantry' for storage of extra items.

(Note the foreshadowing of the rainbow Jell-O!)

Next to that is our tall, skinny cupboard.  The top shelf is for cold drinks, the middle shelf is for hot drinks, and the bottom shelf is for vitamins and medications.

My dad installed a lazy susan in the corner shelf, and I keep our mugs on it (and our big hot chocolate canister, because it doesn't fit in the other cupboard). 

On the bottom, I keep hot pads and oven mitts for easy access next to the oven.  Also: cooking spray and the microwave cover.

On the other side: the meat thermometer, toothpicks, matches, and an air freshener.  There's no particular reason for the fun dish, I just didn't know where else to put it.

The final upper cupboard is really the piéce de résistance of our cupboards.  Before, it just held random odds and ends.  Thanks to my mom and sister, this cupboard turned into a dream.  It is so nice to have everything right here and on eye level!  We tried to split up the spices and small baking ingredients into cooking on the left and baking on the right.  The top shelf is for extra baking/cooking things: popcorn, bread crumbs, sifter, etc.

Come back on Wednesday for the final installment in our kitchen drama!

Love and Baking Powder,
Leah Joy

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