Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Earring Update - June 11

So, I only wore two pairs of earrings this week.  I'm down to a few pairs I plan to get rid of, some really big pairs I can't wear to work (because they hinder my phone-answering abilities), and then a few others.

June 4 - These are basic faux pearl studs.  I usually wear them in my 2nd piercing to coordinate with something.

June 9 - If I had to pick a favorite pair of earrings, I would choose these ones.  They match everything (I mean everything - they're magical!), go with any style from casual to formal, and are exactly to my taste.  I got them 11 years ago when my family visited Colorado.  We went to the Garden of the Gods and I found these in the gift shop for $15 - way more than I've ever spent on a single pair of earrings any other time.  Turns out they were so worth it!  These are the world's most fabulous earrings.

Love and Dinosaurs,
Leah Joy

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