Friday, May 31, 2013

Kitchen Cupboards: Part 2

Today, you get to peek inside the cupboards by our sink (not under yet, that's another story).  Here's a reminder of how it looked when we bought the house:

With some paint and TLC, we turned it into this:

But, as I mentioned yesterday, things just kind of got thrown in the cupboards randomly.  Add in a mouse mishap, and more things getting moved, and we had some very messy drawers.  (Tee hee!)

Above the counter, we have most of our dishes.  This is where I'd like to eventually have a plate rack like this one - it would use a lot more vertical space, which will be nice when we have kids and our dishes increase exponentially.

On the counter, I have this tray from my grandma, where I keep my rainbow mugs, jars, and a cute bowl for odds and ends.

Underneath, our top drawer is for silverware (yes, we do have a lot of spoons).

The middle drawer is for plastic wrap, aluminum foil, bags, etc.  When we first moved in, a lot of boxed foods and spice mixes got put here, and there was a mouse incident.  We moved everything that survived, and the mouse hole got closed up, but I'm still not sure I ever want to put food here again!

Until recently, the bottom drawer was for our plastic containers (which you saw yesterday in a much more convenient location), but they'd always get stuck and there was barely enough space.  Now, the bottom drawer is for towels, cloths, hot pads, and some oven mitts.  Yes, we also have a lot of towels.

See you next week for more of our kitchen!

Love and Stripes,
Leah Joy

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