Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Yard...

We had plans to garden this year.  We were going to make at least one raised bed and plant a million (or at least 8) things.  That never happened. However, a few plants we had in our garden last year miraculously survived, so I was able to transplant them. 

Like this raspberry plant:

And this blackberry plant which was pretending to be alive, but is now not so much:

But our strawberries look like we might eventually get something from them:

We also salvaged two rhubarb plants - which will probably take this year to acclimate themselves to our front yard, and then next year make us lots of pie.

Our yard is so pretty.

I actually think dandelions are very beautiful.
And then there's this section where about 100 little trees are trying to grow.

My parents also gave us some myrtle to let spread under some trees: 

And a baby lilac bush: 

But more on the lilac situation tomorrow.  

Love and Leaves,
Leah Joy

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