Thursday, May 2, 2013


Caleb and I have mentioned so many times that we would like more magnets.  Until recently, we had several clippy magnets, and a few various others, but I'm the person who puts everything on the fridge.  Seriously, when we have kids, our fridge will not be visible for all the artwork on it.  However, so many things were sharing magnets and it was getting frustrating, so I got out my hot glue gun and the craft box.  With the help of a large, strong, promotional magnet (for a plumbing company, I believe), I made 12 new magnets for our fridge!

The funky rectangle ones are actually from an old Kleenex box!  When I buy Kleenex, I try to get at least a few with the cool box designs because, well first of all, it makes me happy.  But secondly, I know they're great for craft projects!  (I actually made 10 magnets like this, but they all look fairly similar.)

The little twine 'flower' was created just because I had a piece of twine and wasn't ready to be done.  Not the cutest thing, but functional nonetheless.

And I'm most proud of the rainbow 'flower'.  I made two ribbon braids: one with red, orange, and yellow; and one with green, blue, and purple.  I hot glued the ends so they wouldn't be as bulky as with a knot, then tied the two braids together to make a center for the flower.  Then I wrapped them around the center, wrapping them around each other every turn.  I love how cheerful it is!

And now my fridge has a higher artwork capacity. :)

Love and Hot Glue,
Leah Joy

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