Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Improv Everywhere

Have you seen any of Improv Everywhere's YouTube videos?  They pull random pranks/skits in the middle of big cities.  In one, they get a whole bunch of people to dress in khakis and blue polos and go into a Best Buy, where, of course, all the other customers think they're employees and ask them questions.  They've also staged a red-headed protest of Wendy's, organized hundreds of people to walk backwards through Times Square to make it look like time is in reverse, and hosted a synchronized swimming 'tryout' in a public fountain.

However, one of my favorites that I just discovered is this surprise wedding reception they held in New York City.

And check out more of the story here.  How fun!

I'll probably share more of their videos in the future, but check out their channel on YouTube in the meantime.

Love and Rainy Days,
Leah Joy

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