Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Earring Update - May 7

So this week, I realized that I'd been ignoring most of my post earrings, so I started to pair them with the remaining pairs of dangly earrings.

May 1 - My parents gave me these earrings as a gift once.  I love them, but one of the rings needs to be resoldered because it's cracked off on one side.  Since I don't have a soldering iron, I just need to be careful when I wear these.

May 3 - The dangly earrings are from Claire's.  How could I resist a sparkly, nearly-rainbow smiley face?  The posts were a gift from my grandma shortly after I got my ears pierced.

May 4 - My friend Alexandria made these for me.  They are so fantastic!  The only problem is that they catch on scarves really easily, so I can only wear them in the summer.  (I have a lot of earrings like that, actually.)

May 5 - The dangly earrings were from a Claire's clearance rack.  The posts were part of a set from Claire's.  They originally came with dangly earrings that matched, but the dangly earrings were crappy and broke/self-destructed within a few months.  There are two more pairs of posts that match this, though, one in dark blue and one in silver (see tomorrow's earrings).

May 6 - The chandelier earrings were from Claire's.  They're very cheap and tarnished, but I still love them.  And the posts are my favorite from the set I listed in May 5.

Love and Shiny Things,
Leah Joy

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