Monday, January 27, 2014

The Monday Rant: Grammar and Spelling

Hi, welcome to the Internet, where apparently it's okay to forget everything you ever learned in school and spell words however you feel is right (you dirty hippie).  Don't bother proofreading or double-checking your spelling; people can figure it out and they can just deal.

Why do we settle for stupidity?  Nothing drives me more insane than seeing people who know how to spell and use the English language misuse the English language.  Okay, actually there are three things that drive me equally insane.  They are as follows:

1. Someone I know received a good education misusing the English language. 
2. People who were homeschooled misusing the English language.  You should know better and represent your sub-culture better! (And also, I would hope that homeschooling is a better-than-good education, but sadly, I know a few families who have extremely low standards.)
3. People who are English majors misusing the English language.  Gah!

Yep, okay, that's my rant.  I have to stop now because otherwise it will get personal and really ugly.

Oh no, I can't stop!  

What you may not understand, dear reader, is that it is actually physically painful to read your bad spelling and grammar.  If I know the person does not know better (foreign exchange student, someone just learning the language, cousin from the boonies, etc.), it hurts, but not as much.  However, when someone clearly knows the rules and breaks them purposely to annoy the 'Grammar Nazis' (Heil Syntax!), I promise you that brain cells die.  No, they don't just die; they are killed in a mass brain-cell genocide.  That's right, you, the anti-grammar-Nazi, have caused genocide.  How do you feel now?

I'm not talking about MLA or APA perfect grammar and syntax.  Everyone has their own personal opinion of how many commas one should utilize.  I am asking for basic spelling (really, you have spell check and therefore no excuses), grammar (I know you know better), and punctuation (periods really help finish a sentence off in style).

Now I have to proofread this post five times so I don't get nailed on my own rant.

Love and Parenthetical Remarks,
Leah Joy

P.S. Any comments consisting of purposeful poor grammar will be deleted in order to help stop the brain-cell genocide.

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