Thursday, January 16, 2014

Steering Wheel Cover

Have you noticed that more of my projects lately have involved sewing?  I'm super excited to be getting more into this relatively uncharted territory.  Here's my history with sewing on a sewing machine:

Age 9 - sewed a dress for a doll. Despite only having like 4 seams, I managed to break a sewing machine needle.
Age 21 - sewed scarves from t-shirts for friends and relatives. I made like 30 of them - all straight lines and very simple stuff.  However, I used a super super super old sewing machine with so many problems and the thread snapped approximately every 6 inches. And I broke about 3 sewing machine needles. Starting to think I am cursed.

Aaand, until I made curtains for my kitchen (on my mom's nice new sewing machine!), that was it.

But now, I'm starting to attempt more interesting things.  Like corn bags.  And lined curtains.  And this steering wheel cover:

My sister and I went to the Saturday after Thanksgiving sales and I found this adorable pink fabric for super cheap:

(Pay no attention to the relatively dumpy state of my car.)

I already had a fairly nice steering wheel cover, but it was starting to look a little dirty, so I just put this one right over it.  It doesn't insulate a lot, but I didn't really need it to, so that's fine.  But I'm planning on making a nice padded one for Caleb, since he has no steering wheel cover at all.  

Love and PINK,
Leah Joy

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