Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Star Trek Apron

Welcome to my newest feature, One-Picture Wednesday!  Just kidding, that's not really going to be a thing, but I only got one good picture of this project.  My inspiration for this project came here:

But if you know anything about me, you know that there is no way I'm spending $57 on something I could make myself.

My big brother is a definite Trekkie, and don't worry, I made sure that he would actually use an apron before I dove into this project.  (He said he doesn't usually use one, but wishes he had one for grilling or pan-frying.)  

I picked up the apron at GFS for $10.  They were the only place I was able to find a reasonably-priced apron that wouldn't look ridiculously small on a man.  This apron also has the nice adjustable neck strap and some pockets.

Then, I dove headfirst into this project, running on only my knowledge of fabric paint and a picture from Google Images.  I used to be really into freezer-paper stencils (or at least wanted to be), so I still had a full rainbow of partially-used fabric paints and a roll of freezer paper.  I ironed on the freezer paper and then used a sponge brush to apply red paint to the apron, hoping I'd end up with a maroon.  I used every single drop of paint left in the bottle and actually ended up with a very nice shade!  (I had to use my flash in the picture, so it's not actually as bright as it appears to be.)  After letting that dry, I hand-painted in the symbol in yellow and then let everything dry for a couple of days.  

Then came the really scary part: washing it!  I was terrified that the paint wouldn't stick (I forgot to pre-wash the apron) or that it'd smear - but it came out great!  

And my brother liked it - so all is well!

Live Long and Prosper,
Leah Joy

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