Friday, January 17, 2014

Meijer Gardens: Christmas Trees

If you've ever lived in West Michigan, you've probably at least heard of the Frederik Meijer Gardens.  They have beautiful gardens, art exhibits, and a sculpture park.  I went a lot as a kid with my grandparents and my parents (I even got engaged there!), and this year for Christmas, my sister got a membership for the next year with an add-a-guest pass on it.  She got it on December 30 when she went with our mom, and the very next day, she took me there, too. 

At that point, they still had the whole place decorated for Christmas.  In their giant greenhouse, they had beautiful lights strung on all the trees:

There are always gorgeous flowers, too.

Their most popular Christmas tradition, though, is their Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around the World exhibit.  They have trees (or the equivalent) decorated in the style of 41 different cultures, and it is always beautiful.  

I loved the rainbow ball garland on this tree.  I think it was from Peru.

But, of course our favorite tree was from the Netherlands.  We took a lot of pictures of the ornaments on this tree.

Chloe has already gotten the dollar value out of the membership, and she's not even one month in yet.  I'm sure we'll be going a lot more this year!

Love and Lights,
Leah Joy

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