Monday, April 3, 2017

Gilmore Girls Party

This past fall, to celebrate the release of the new Gilmore Girls episodes, I threw four themed watch parties for my friends and family.

Our final event was also perhaps the tastiest. We made homemade pizza and cheesy bread sticks. (Which are amazing, by the way.)

We also all brought our favorite sweets, and made dessert sushi! This was so much fun (and a little gross, too, to be honest).

Here's our spread: marshmallows, fruit snacks, sour gummy worms, gummy bears, Swedish fish, red hots, Butterfinger bites, fruit roll-ups (the seaweed wrap of the dessert sushi world), Joe-Joe's (Trader Joe's Oreos), Red Vines, and Whoppers. (There's also a salad in there, to really balance the meal.)

We tried the 'Oreo red-hot sashimi' from the show, and it was actually really good! Like, I would make these again.

Chloe also made one with a Whopper in the middle:

We made various disgusting combinations in the fruit-roll-ups, too, and sliced them up like sushi:

The marshmallows acted like the sticky rice - helping hold everything together.

While we found some good combinations, most of them were pretty gross, and we ended up just eating the candy straight from the bowl.

Have you ever made dessert sushi? What were your favorite combinations?

Love and Sugar Comas,
Leah Joy

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