Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Scarf Season!

I'm sure it's October, which is normally when I break out my scarves, but right now, the weather seems to think it's August.  However, soon enough, we'll be back to 50, 40, 30, 20 degrees and dropping.  Wearing a scarf helps protect your throat and it looks cool!  Lighter scarves can also be worn in the warmer seasons.    There are so many ways to tie a scarf that even if you wear the same scarf every day and tie it differently, it looks brand new!  I honestly couldn't pick a favorite scarf video, so here is a variety.

Wendy shows many varieties, not all of which I'm convinced are technically different from each other, but she still has some options.  At the end, you can click on the scarf you wanted to see more of, or at least slower, and it will take you to a video where she does a few of them.  At the beginning of the second video, you can just click ahead to the one you want to see, or you can watch all of them.

Michelle Phan has been my favorite for makeup tutorials.  (She has a video on bridal makeup that I used for my wedding.)  Her voice, even when she has a cold, is calm and soothing and not obnoxious.  This was the first fashion one I had seen from her, and I liked how she gave clear steps while Chriselle demonstrated very clearly.  The Criss-Cross is my favorite (Wendy calls it the Twist and Pull) and my scarf stand-by!

Now, I recently purchased some square scarves, and while I've always known how to tie a long scarf, even if I just drape it around twice or something, the square scarf was a mystery to me.  I'd seen them draped and loved the look, but didn't know how to duplicate it.  Hello, YouTube!

Here's one Michelle Phan does, but hers is with a light silk scarf.


Michelle sort of gets to my favorite way when Chriselle shortens the necklace scarf, but here's another video that shows a different way to achieve this look - and with a heavier scarf.

This is what I do, except instead of just tucking the ends in, I tie them underneath the triangle.  I find this holds it more securely for windy days - or when I'm around children.

Now go and do likewise. :)

Love and Scarves,

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