Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weird Dreams and Demi Lovato

Sometimes at night, I wake up every couple hours, need to roll over, lay there for a few minutes, and then go right back to sleep. It's not annoying and it's just a standard thing I've come to expect every now and then. The one weird side effect is that I have a different dream in every sleep session, and because I am fully conscious after each one, I tend to remember more of them. Last night, I had two that I very vividly remember. In the first one, my fingernails needed to be trimmed, so I used kitchen shears to cut them. It was very painful - not to mention it was rather difficult to be precise. I kept saying to myself, "If you can't find a nail clippers, at least use the little scissors on your pocket knife!" But I never did. Then I woke up, thankfully.

My second dream involved laundry. Wherever I was, the only washing machine was this huge one that resembled the pitching speed cages you get to use at ballparks. The bottom was a cage, and you just throw all of your laundry in and it starts automatically. My problem was that I couldn't find where to put the laundry detergent! And then when I did (you have to go around the back and reach in), I didn't have any detergent. There was a myriad of bottles lying around, but they were all softener or bleach. It was terrible. And then I realized I was just being lazy because this was actually in my parents' driveway and my detergent was inside. So I got my detergent and started the wash properly.

I'm not sure why I dream things like this. I can guess about the nail clipping one, because my nails were getting pretty long (I clipped them for real this morning) and yesterday I used the kitchen shears on a package of chicken. But I haven't done laundry since Friday and I haven't bought detergent since Saturday and I haven't used a pitching speed cage for years.


Anyway, today's video is of Demi Lovato performing her song "Skyscraper" on the Ellen Degeneres show. There's another really powerful video of her interview with Ellen before this performance. That will help explain the meaning behind this song. What I love about the performance in this next video is that you can tell it's live (she's not lip-syncing) and it's amazing. The notes she hits and the emotion she portrays and the perfection is astounding. And she looks so much better now!

Love and Kitchen Shears,

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