Monday, October 17, 2011

The Monday Rant: A Hate Letter

Dear Insomnia,
Stupid Insomnia,
Hey, you!  Yeah, you!  Insomnia!  Yeah, I'm talking to you!

Who do you think you are?  Stealing from the rich and poor alike.  Thieving from men and women, boys and girls, college students and professors, and pretty much everyone.  Just stop it already!  It's really getting on the nerves of people worldwide.

For five nights in a row now, you have found it amusing to torture and torment me, holding sleep at an arm's length away.  While I listened to my husband's peaceful, even breathing, all I could do was choke back sobs of frustration and beg for mercy - for at least a few hours' sleep.  And have you shown mercy?  No, you have not.  You are cruel and heartless, to be rated near Hitler, Nero, Stalin, and Nickelback.

Insomnia, how do you sleep at night?

With cold hatred,

P.S. With my lack of sleep, a letter to a non-physical (or real) entity seemed a lot better of a choice than a rant at real people.  That could get ugly.