Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Art is Weird

Over the past few weeks, Grand Rapids has been hosting the third annual ArtPrize. I've gone downtown to see it each year, and while I was far more impressed with last year's contributions, I think there are still some interesting, beautiful, or thought-provoking works this year.

However, as always, there is also some weird stuff. And so I stole pictures from across the internet to bring you the Wednesday Weird: ArtPrize 2011 edition.

This piece entitled "Perseverance" is located just outside the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. When Caleb and I saw this, we both skirted around it for fear of the guy's face. These pictures really don't do it justice. If you get a chance, check it out. He's terrifying.

This piece is also outside the museum. It's called "Hand Of God (Wrestling with My Demons)", which alone is kind of terrifying. Then you look at it. That's all I have to say.

I think you can click this one to make it bigger. It's a really well done painting and I'm sure it's full of meaning. It's called "Power of Women". But why are there so many horses? Why are all powerful women cowgirls? I don't understand!

These three "sculptures" make up a piece called "Homage to Earth". I read the description even, and I don't get it. Also, someone (maybe the artist?) had stuck fake flowers in the vases, so it looked even weirder.

Now, I know you were all dying for my opinion on the controversial Top 10, so I'll gladly give it so you don't perish.

A lot of people, mostly hipster artsy snob types, think that the Top 10 doesn't accurately reflect what art is. In all honesty, I think a few that are in the Top 10 kinda suck. But you know what? The Top 10 is not, by definition, the Top 10 of true art, or even the Top 10 of Leah Compston, because it's not all about me, fortunately. The Top 10, by definition, is the Top 10 based on popular vote. Is art not for the people? Does it matter if an ugly steampunk dog made it into the Top 10 if that's what people voted for? No, because it's a majority.

Ohhh, a majority. Like in a democracy. Now I understand that all these hipster artsy snob types are really socialists! (Kidding.)

So, no, I do not agree with the Top 10, but I'm not going to argue or complain, because I didn't vote this year. And I don't really care. I got to see a lot of cool art and so did a million other people, so stop complaining.

If you were wondering, my favorites were the "Free Spirit Garden" and the room full of Lake Michigan paintings in the Waters Building, the rainbow glitter trees made from recycled bottles and GLITTER, the stained glass rainbow at the BOB, and the giant Mona Lisa collage at the BOB.

Love and Weird Crap,

P.S. There is frosting on my backspace key. I know you were wondering.

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