Monday, October 24, 2011

O Dear, Odor

I do wish people would pay more attention to how they smell. Some use too much cologne/perfume; some need a little more deodorant. Let me divide them into categories:

1. People who have lost their sense of smell. These people like to be able to smell their own perfume. When they were younger it took 2 squirts. Now they can't smell it anymore, so they keep adding squirts until they can smell it. Let me tell you something: they can smell you in China. If 2 squirts used to be enough, stick with that.
2. People who love Axe, usually middle-school boys. Need I explain more?
3. Those corporate, slick-back haired people who must scent their hair as well as their skin, shirt, jacket, pants, tie, socks, shoes... I'm surprised they're not surrounded by a cloud!
4. People who either enjoy the smell of their own B.O., can't smell it, or enjoy torturing others. There is plenty of deodorant in this world. Please use it.
5. Those who can't afford deodorant or anything, and I don't complain against them. I just feel sad for them.

Now go forth and smell nice.

Love and Dove,

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