Monday, October 3, 2011

Let "Sleeping" Brides Be

Today's Monday Rant is about people who won't leave newly married brides alone. And I get really mad at them. For the record, no one did the following things to me - probably because I threatened to send Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick them to next year if they bothered me. But I've seen this happen to my friends and it makes me SO ANGRY. Seriously! Few things make me this angry, but I want to go kick people!

So what is this that bugs me so much?

Facebook comments like these, while the couple is on their honeymoon (these are all real comments taken from someone's Facebook):

"You really need to change your last name."
"It's going to be so hard to call you by your new name... It would be a lot easier if I had Facebook to remind me!!!"
"Change your name. Gosh."

And this one is the kicker - posted just hours after the ceremony:

"So, I'm thinking you need to change your name now, and probably want to change your relationship status. Just sayin."

Really? Okay, I can understand if it's been like a month - but hours? Or even days? And even if you're joking, it's not funny. Do you know what is happening on the honeymoon? Lots and lots of personal time when they are getting to know each other.

They should NOT be wasting precious time changing their Facebook status. They'll never get a time like this again.

And another thing that bothers me is when, the second the girl does change her name and status, now all the friends are like, "It's been FOREVER, we need to hang out," "Gurl, it's been soooooo looonngggg, I miss u!" (Okay, I made those up, but I've seen stuff similar to that.)

Do you know what the recently honeymooned bride is doing? Cleaning up the house (especially if it was just a bachelor pad), organizing all the wedding gifts (despite it being wonderful to receive all these things, it does sometimes feel like a burden!), learning how to cook for her husband, settling into new surroundings, and yes, she is still getting to know her husband. Because that doesn't happen over the course of one week.

So leave her alone. Yes, it's good to get out every now and then, and that can increase in frequency as time goes on. But please, everyone, stop harassing newlyweds. They're still trying to learn to please each other; they can't please all of you, too.

If my camera lens weren't dirty, I'd take a picture of my threatening, angry face, and post it here so you'd know how serious I am. Since I can't do that, here's a picture of an angry kid. He hates it when you harass newlyweds, too.

Love and Anger, :)

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