Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pinterest Recipes Review

I feel great this morning.  You know why?  Because I didn't waste any time sleeping last night.  I mean, really, sleeping is so overrated.  And instead, I spent the entire night in extremely productive tossing and turning.  And who wouldn't want that when they're exceedingly tired and have been somewhat sick on and off for the last month?

Okay, sarcasm over.  It was a terrible night.  And I feel like crap.  But I have to get up and do life anyway and go to work and all that fun stuff.  Because I'm a grown-up.

The good news is that today is Darcy Day!  So when I take my lunch break, I'll finally get to see Darcy on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries!  Unless they do something cruel and have him standing awkwardly the whole time where we can't see his face.  I hope not, I hope not, I hope not!

Today, I'm going to share my reviews of three Pinterest recipes.  I don't have pictures, but I have links! :)

1. Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Loaf - Recipe Here

I love to make bread with yogurt in the batter because it makes it so moist and I can pretend it's good for me!  For this recipe, I can tell you that anywhere it says "kosher" or "whole-milk" or something like that, you can be sure I used just whatever I had on hand.  Actually that probably goes for any recipe!  I did use fresh squeezed lemon juice and freshly grated lemon zest, though, because I had some lemons.  And that made this bread crazy lemony!  It was SO good!  Lemon and blueberry is one of my favorite fruit combos in baked goods and this definitely lived up to my expectations.  It's a bit labor intensive, as you have to mix it, bake it, then poke it and glaze it with a syrup, then glaze it with a glaze.  And after each step you have to wait until the previous one is cool or hardened or something.  But it's pretty worth it!

2. Pizza Casserole - Recipe Here

I needed something new to add to our line-up of dinner options, so I tried this once.  It's fantastic.  It's basically baked spaghetti with pepperoni on top.  If you like baked spaghetti and pepperoni, you'll love this.  You hardly need to measure, either.  The amounts of things don't really matter, except for how you it.  You like a lot of sauce?  Add more sauce.  A lot of cheese?  Add more cheese.  It's that simple. And easy.  And delicious.  And goes a long way!  A 9x13 pan lasted us almost a week (1 dinner plus 4-5 lunches for 2 people).

3. Lemon Yogurt Popsicles - Recipe Here

Here's one where I strayed further from the recipe than the others.  First of all, I didn't have raspberries, so I left those out.  Second, I used plain yogurt and I did not strain it - probably because I don't know how to.  So they were very simple: lemon juice + lemon zest + yogurt + sugar = popsicles.  And I added everything to taste, not just the sugar.  I like yogurt, when it's flavored like the Yoplait original singles.  Those are great.  As far as plain yogurt, no thank you!  Except in recipes, as long as I can't really taste it.  So I added more lemon juice and sugar and less yogurt.  So I don't know if it was my popsicle molds or the fact that I changed the recipe so much, but these would never come out of the mold on the stick for me.  I ended up scraping them into a bowl and eating them like frozen yogurt.  They tasted great, but I went wrong somewhere!

The funny thing is, I practiced making popsicles last winter being certain that I was going to make popsicles all summer and always have them ready in my freezer for anyone who wanted one and I was going to be known as the Popsicle Lady (okay, not really).  I made exactly zero popsicles all summer.  Perhaps because lemons aren't on sale here in the summer, perhaps because I was busy doing other things.  I just didn't.

Enjoy your day - DARCY DAY!!!

Love and Lemons,
Leah Joy

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