Monday, November 5, 2012

Seriously, Go Vote!

Today's rant is on voting.  This is as political as I will get on the Internet.  Oh boy, do I have a ton of things I would like to say, but I believe those conversations are done better in person.  I don't even "share" any witty images or videos on Facebook.  But you know what is crazy?  The number of people who don't vote.  Many of them even seem to have opinions about the way our country should be run, but then they don't vote.  How does that make sense?

You live in a relatively free country.  You are given many rights and responsibilities, including the right to help pick your next leader, and you ignore it.  Why?  Because you're too busy playing Pokemon to research the candidates?  Because you're too jaded to believe your vote will make any difference?  Perhaps it won't, but what would happen if everyone had your same lackadaisical approach?

Tomorrow, get your butt out there and vote!  And if you didn't register to vote, shame on you!

I don't care if you're Democrat, Republican, Moderate, Tea-Party, Hot-Chocolate-Party, Green Party, Purple Party, or somewhere in between.  Get your behind off the couch and vote.

You've been given a right.  Use it!
Take a little time today and research the candidates and issues.  Here are some helpful sites:

In Michigan: MLive has a voter guide.  You type in your address and it pulls up all the candidates and issues.  You can choose two candidates to compare side by side.  It pulls up their biographical information and views on issues that you can see right next to each other.

If you care about who has the Right to Life endorsement, here's a site for Michigan.

Love and Politics (Those two words don't belong together),
Leah Joy

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