Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Difficult Night

It's hard to get up and face the day after a difficult night like we've just had.  I mean, how does one even go on with life?

Wait, what?  Oh, you thought I meant the election?!  No, I was talking about our "work party" for the camp auction!  How silly of you!  Haven't you learned I (mostly) keep my mouth shut about politics?

Our auction is this Saturday, and we're all getting really excited!  It's our biggest fundraiser of the year, especially since we have a matching donor.  Last year, we brought in about $19,000, but that got doubled by the donor, so nearly $40,000!  This year, all the proceeds (except the donations which are specifically designated for camper scholarships) go towards our new building.  We hope to have the kitchen and dining hall ready to use for next summer, but we also are trying to do that without going into debt, so it's a good thing we have this fundraiser!

Amusingly enough, a few weeks ago we were concerned that we wouldn't have enough items to sell and that the tables would look sparse.  Then God laughed at us and rained down tons and tons of gifts!

So last night, the auction committee met upstairs and went through 250+ silent auction items, assigning them to tables and boxing them up for easy (easier) transport on Saturday.  Everyone had a job, but mine was kind of helping everyone.  Living under the office and taking in every item and labeling it in the system kind of helps me know where everything is.  So I was rushing about answering questions, fetching tape, finding labels, fetching paper clips, locating items, and fetching pens.  By the end of the night, I was so tired and my feet hurt.  And I wanted to cry, because that's what I do when I'm tired.

On the bright side, I got Oreos!  And we got everything sorted and ready for Saturday.  (Well, almost everything.)

Have a wonderful Wednesday, darling readers!

Love and Blessings,
Leah Joy

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