Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eleventh Hour Scarf

I made this scarf based on a Purl Bee pattern.

I made this with Michael's Zoomba.  I shopped around to find the best deal on the best bulky yarn (since I've never purchased it before) and though Michael's wasn't the cheapest (Jo-Ann's was, actually), I really liked the quality of this yarn.  It's really soft and I loved the color.  I know I picked pretty much the same color as the original, but I really liked it!  This color is called Sprite.  I purchased two skeins.  (Note: I normally purchase worsted weight and cotton yarn at Hobby Lobby.  Their I Love This Yarn! and I Love This Cotton! are the best quality I've found for the cheapest price.)

I borrowed these size 35 (19mm) needles from a friend.  There was definitely a learning curve in using these, but with only 7 stitches a row, it wasn't so bad!  And while I don't think I could make it in an hour, it only took me an afternoon.  Most knit scarves take me months!

 I made it just a little longer than they suggested, since I had the yarn to do so, and it was a gift for a tall lady.

Here I am modeling it, wearing a rainbow hat, because ... well... why not?

This is the way they tied it in the picture:

I even had some yarn leftover!  I paid about $8 total for the yarn (including a coupon, of course), but I had some leftover, so however you want to factor that into the cost.  :)

I had two balls of yarn leftover this size:

Love and Grasshoppers,
Leah Joy

P.S. Like my "back-drop"?  I read somewhere to use a white pillowcase as a back-drop, because everyone has a white pillowcase.  Not me!  I've tie-dyed them all!

P.P.S.  I apologize for any weird formatting in this post.  Blogger gave me the hardest time with these pictures!

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