Friday, January 25, 2013

House Pictures v 1.3

Welcome back to our new home for the final part of the house.  We'll start at the beginning of the hall.

The first door leads to what we're calling the 2nd bedroom.  It will serve as a guest room/craft room, and eventual nursery.
The door to the hall is open, but behind it is a closet door.
I love these cool light fixtures!
 The next room is the bathroom, featuring a laundry chute!

Also featuring this disgusting fan.

This cool cupboard came semi-built-in.
We have a tub!  I can't wait until it's fixed so I can take long, luxurious baths, while reading romance novels and eating bon-bons.
Above the bath, however, I believe the previous owners decided to quit painting when they realized their color of choice was "Fresh Morning Urine".
 Moving on to the master bedroom: 

Love this built-in bookshelf!  And it looks miles better now, I promise!
Bedroom closet.  It extends to the bookshelf on the right, and to the wall on the left!
And again, great light fixtures!
 Thank you so much for looking through our new home pictures.  I'd like to remind you again that these were taken before ownership and any cleaning had taken place.  It's really amazing, actually, to look at these and see what a difference we've already made.

I'm looking forward to posting pictures of the house now - once I find the camera!

Love and Light Bulbs.
Leah Joy

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