Thursday, January 17, 2013

Porcelaine Pen Mugs

One of the easiest ways to decorate a mug is with a Porcelaine Pen.  I've talked about them before, but never shared pictures of my finished products.  For Christmas this year, a few people on my list got mugs.  I've been looking for them at Salvation Army and Goodwill, and I try to only get ones that have nice shapes, not your typical, boring shape.  I've been really excited about these ones for several months:

More recently, I found 10 mugs at Salvation Army (69-cents each) of this shape:

We had two couples on our Christmas list who both happened to have the first initials of J and D.  I made some like this with A and M for my friends who got married last year.

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world..."

"He has made everything beautiful in its time."

Quotes from my favorite book!

This next idea I stole from Pinterest, and gave it to a friend who loves Pride and Prejudice maybe even more than I do:

This one took the longest of all, and it about killed my vision, but it was for a friend who loves mugs and has so many cool ones.  I wanted it to be something she'd actually like.

I love giving these as gifts for so many reasons.  First of all, they're pretty cheap.  The mugs cost me anywhere from 69-cents to $1.  The pen was about $8 and it made 20-25 mugs.  Secondly, they're easy.  Write, bake, wrap!  Thirdly, they're so easy to personalize to the recipient.  And finally, I love being grown-up so I can make crafts people will actually like!

Love and Mugs,
Leah Joy

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