Friday, January 11, 2013

Singed Fabric Flowers

I have a not-so-little-anymore girl in my life who loves crazy hair things and anything pink.  Last year for Christmas, I made her this hat:

(Aww, remember that spot on my old camera?)

This year, I saw this idea on Pinterest:

My sister had an old pink prom dress we found at Salvation Army for $1.  (It was a 5 for $5 sale and it was cheaper to buy the ridiculous pink dress than to skip it, actually.)  She wasn't planning to use the fabric for anything, so I followed the instructions and made my flowers.  I stitched some pearly beads in the middle.  I can't tell you how cute these are.  I don't need to, because you can look for yourself.

I actually think I like mine better than many of the ones on the original site, but maybe that's just because it's incredibly pink.

My family had pink felt on hand, but it's not that expensive anyway.  I followed the instructions on the original for the felt backing, but I hand-stitched this part, because I don't have many sewing machine skills.  Or any, actually, except breaking the needle.

I had a stash of alligator clips leftover from a few years ago.  I ended up stitching the felt strip in closer on both ends to hold the clip more tightly, but I didn't take any pictures of it that way.

 Then I made another one!

The little one is for my sister Chloe.  The big one is for Claire.  This is how big the big one is on my hand:

Chloe is modeling the little one.

These were super fun to make, and didn't take that long.  Best of all, it cost practically nothing!  The dress was $1, but we have yards of fabric leftover, plus Chloe salvaged the beading from the front for other projects.  The beads were just a minuscule part of  my massive bead collection.  Thread was on hand.  My family happened to have pink felt, but it's like 25-cents a sheet, which would make at least 9 flowers, I think.  Alligator clips come in packs of 20-30 for a few dollars, and if you go when they're on sale or with a coupon....  I think you get my point.  This project cost pennies, took only minutes, and turned out incredibly cute!  Please go make these!

I would recommend having some tongs on hand when you get to the smaller pieces, though, or you might singe your fingers!


Love and PINK,
Leah Joy

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