Thursday, January 24, 2013

House Pictures v 1.2

Welcome back to my home!  Today, I'd like to share with you some photos of our kitchen, "entryway", and living room.

Through the door you can see the stairs and then the breezeway.  We're now in the kitchen.

Moving clockwise around the room: the future home of the stove, the cupboards, and the future home of the fridge.  The upper cupboards have been torn down and replaced, but the lower ones will wait until we can afford them.
Here's the entrance to the living room, but we'll keep moving with the kitchen for now.
Another section of counter and cabinets, plus the entrance to the "entryway".
The empty corner will be where our kitchen table will go.

The final section of cupboards/counter and the kitchen sink.  The bottom part of this area is infested with mice!  Oh boy!
 Moving on, let's visit the "entryway".  I type that sarcastically (yes, it's possible) because it goes to the "front porch", which is nowhere near the driveway, and has no walkway to the driveway, nor any evidence of the existence of one ever.  So, we don't really enter the house through this door, but it's there, and it has a nice closet.  It opens to the living room and the kitchen.

Kitchen into entryway.
Living room into entryway.
Giant closet!!!
And finally, entryway into living room.
We have these fantastic ceilings!
A great big window!
And a super-ugly fireplace.  :)
 Off of the far end of the living room is the technical 3rd bedroom, henceforth referred to as the office.  We'll be using it as an office/music room until further notice.

It has this great door...
...and beautiful flooring!
The rest of the room is pretty standard.
Back on the other side of the living room is the entrance to the hallway.  (The kitchen is just visible through the right arch.)
  Tomorrow, we'll venture down the hallway for the last three rooms of our new home!  

Love and Archways,
Leah Joy

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