Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Star" Ornament

For the last two days, I've been sharing about my adventure to pick the perfect ornament.  (Perfect = cute, quick, easy, and pretty cheap)

This is the one on which I settled:

This is the first one I made, intending to make them all in different color schemes, kind of like this pin, but without the letters:

But when I mentioned that idea to Caleb, he thought they should all have a yellow center, because he thought it was supposed to be the Star of David.  So then it was.  I hadn't intended that, but I just went with the same color scheme for all of them.  Simple.

I followed this pattern, but only did the first three rounds:

[I will say that the writer of that blog leaves out a few details.  They're the kinds of things that people who have crocheted before would know, but if you're a brand new beginner, you might not.  (Like joining at the end of the round, for example.)]

Anyway, I work best conveyor-belt-in-a-factory style.  I like to do the same thing over and over.  I began by making a bunch of these:

Then I added the purple:

I first worked all the purple rounds, then wove in all the ends.

Sorry, blurry picture.  They kind of remind me of pogs.

I never took a picture of the whole pile of the finished ones, but they're pretty cute.  And after the first practice one, instead of crocheting a chain to hang it, I just used a length of yarn.  Simpler and cuter.

Here's a finished one attached to a package of truffles:

Not only do they look like the Star of David, but they also look like any ball ornament.  They were quick, easy, cheap, and cute!  (And a stash-buster project!)

Love and Stars,
Leah Joy

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