Tuesday, January 22, 2013

House Pictures v 1.0

I've posted them on Facebook, but I may as well post them here for the interested parties.  There are loads of them, so I'll spread them out over a few days.  These pictures are before we actually even had ownership.  We were out one night (because everyone knows the best quality photos come when it's pitch black out) and I took pictures of everything.  Today, I'll share the pictures of outside.

One "front" side of the house (we're on a corner):

"Front Porch" and front door.  Living Room windows 1 and part of 2.
Living Room window 2, Office window
Office window, fence for backyard

Other "front" side:

Front porch barely visible on far right, kitchen windows, and part of breezeway.
Breezeway! (Garage to left)
Far left of breezeway, garage
To the left of the garage is a fence to the backyard
Through the fence (garage on right)
Further in back yard...
...and to the right.  Garage on right, then deck.  Windows are for bedroom (left), bathroom (middle), and 2nd bedroom (right).

Back in front of the breezeway, we have our future landscaping.
And a cool pathway.
And great trees!
I'll share pictures from inside tomorrow.  

Love and Very Small Rocks,
Leah Joy

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