Wednesday, January 23, 2013

House Pictures v 1.1

Yesterday, I showed you the outside of our new house.  Today, I'd like to welcome you into my new home!  I'll show you the breezeway, the garage, and the basement.  (Yes, I'm not exactly starting with my best foot forward.)

Front door in center.  Cool shelf in back - hint of kitchen through open doorway (and stairwell)
Closer look at shelf.
Back of breezeway.  Door is to deck.  Just to the left of the picture is the doorway to the garage.
Breezeway floor.  I have plans to clean it up and paint it.
Beautiful ceiling in breezeway.
Typical, standard, slightly-creepy garage.  My sister thinks it's exciting and mysterious that we have boarded-up windows.
Back through the doorway, and down the stairs:

View at bottom of stairs

Under stairs.  That's the well pump - and a weird random door.  And graffiti.
Just think on the bright side; it only gets better from here!  Tomorrow, you'll get to see the toothpaste green kitchen, the hideous purple fireplace, and a giant closet!

Love and ADHD,
Leah Joy


  1. I am so thrilled that you and Caleb were able to buy this house, and look forward to seeing you transform it into your home!
    I like the new look of your blog, btw.

  2. Thanks, AR! I'm so excited for the next time you visit so you can see it all in person! :)

    And thanks on the blog, too. I'm trying to make it look a bit more professional - something people would actually want to read, you know? :) The header logo still needs work, but I really like this background I found on Blogger.


    P.S. I got your card! It was so fun to get non-bill mail!