Monday, January 14, 2013

Toilet Paper Tube Ornaments

One of my Mom's Christmas traditions is to make an ornament every year to give along with Christmas gifts. We'd make a couple dozen of the same cute ornament and then give them along with the neighbors' tins of goodies, or the gifts to the small group leaders and teachers.  When I moved out and got married, I decided I wanted to carry this on, so last year I made sequined crochet flowers.

This year, I had a dozen different ideas picked out.  I shared them with my mom and she picked hers, and then I tried a bunch from what was left.  Today's "tutorial" shares how one of those ornaments turned out not quite as lovely as I might have hoped.

Toilet paper tube projects are all over Pinterest.  You can make faux cast iron wall hangings, puppets, dolls, bows, boxes, toy cars, and storage caddies.  You can use them for stamping, molding, drawing, and painting.  There are a hundred uses for them.  So when I saw these two pins, I decided to try a version of them.

I cut my toilet paper tubes into strips, then used acrylic craft paints to paint them white.  I'm sure it would have been easier to spray paint (especially if I chose to make dozens of them), but I didn't have white spray paint and it didn't make sense to buy any when I might only be making one.  

For the glitter, I tried a couple different ways.  After all, I have a whole box labeled "glitter"; I have plenty of ways.  While the white paint was still wet, I sprinkled some loose glitter over it, and pressed it in.  Not only did this look terrible, it didn't stick very well.  I also have glitter spray paint, so I tried that, but it didn't coat very evenly, and it tended to coagulate in certain spots.  This first one looks fine, but you can see the second one didn't get as even of a coating.  This was annoying since I painted them all the same way.  Besides, while it's clearly glittery in this picture, it doesn't have quite the glitter-punch I wanted from a normal distance.  I don't think the glitter spray paint will ever get it that far, no matter how many coats I apply.

Finally, I hot glued all the pieces together into a flower.  This part worked just fine. 

But really, it's not that cute or Christmas-y without glitter or red, and it's kind of flimsy, too.

All in all, it was a pretty cheap project to try, since I had all the supplies on hand, and it only wasted an hour or so of my life.  

Tune in tomorrow to see some other ornament attempts!

Love and Glitter,
Leah Joy

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